Out and About in Missouri

Missouri is the starting place for Huck Finn’s famous voyage with Jim down the Mississippi in Mark Twain’s masterpiece, ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.’ Though it is no longer advisable to swim or raft in the Mississippi itself, (due to pollution and excessive river traffic,) the Ozark National Scenic Riverways makes a great place for a classic Missouri river adventure.joplin_missouri

The clean, clear spring-fed waters of the Current and Jacks Fort rivers in the Ozark Highlands of southeastern Missouri are a wonderful place for canoeing, swimming, fishing, tubing, hiking along the river, and of course, rafting.

At Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield you will find the location of the first ever large scale American Civil War battle west of the mighty Mississippi River. Fought on August 10, 1861, this bloody battle was a harbinger of other major battles along the war’s western front. Here you will find a detailed description of the battle and its significance in the war.

For more Civil War history, the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site marks the place in Saint Louis County where this one-time drunk lived in the years between the Mexican-American War and the Civil War. At the site can be found a history of this remarkable man, from his struggles with alcohol and failed business to becoming the highest ranking and most successful general in the Union Army, and later, President of the United States.

The state of Missouri shared its borders with Illinois, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Therefore, this state is an automobile transportation hub, extensively served by the US Interstate System. In the state, the I-70 runs between St. Louis, Independence, and Kansas City; the I-44 connects St. Louis with Springfield; and the I-64 runs by Branson from St. Louis. Beyond the state, the I-70 goes east through Indianapolis, and on to Baltimore. The I-35 goes from Kansas city south to Austin and San Antonio in Texas, and north to Minneapolis. The I-64 goes east from St. Louis to Louisville in Kentucky.